TRADE seeks to assist in the Philippine government’s efforts to strengthen the cultural and legal framework of market competition in all economic sectors. This study on Public Utilities: Evolving Constitutional Limits, Statutes, and Policies aims to re-examine the scope and continuing relevance of the concept of “public utility” as defined in Philippine law.

The discussants were former major actors with vast experiences in the design and implementation of industrial strategies and policies: Mr. Vicente T. Paterno, former BOI Chairman (1970-79) and Senator (1987-92); Dr. Gerardo P. Sicat, former Economic Planning Minister (1973-81) and currently Professor Emeritus of the UP School of Economics; and Mr. Cesar E. A. Virata, former Prime Minister (1981-86), Finance Minister (1970-86), and Economic Planning Minister (1981-86), They provided insights into the industrial organization of key utilities and industries, their role in national development, the significance of foreign participation, and the political economy of policy changes.