Board of Trustees (elected March 7, 2014)

  • Raphael Perpetuo M. Lotilla, Ll.M. – Chairman
    Justice and development, power sector issues, privatization, ocean law and marine affairs, sustainable development
  • Florian A. Alburo, Ph.D. – President
    Development policy, international trade and finance, regional cooperation, digital economy
  • Johannes Benjamin R. Bernabe, Ll. B. – Corporate Secretary
    International trade law and WTO negotiations, dispute settlement, trade policy and climate change, trade in services, labour migration, regulatory reform
  • Ma. Nimfa F. Mendoza, Ph.D. – Treasurer
    Environmental management, power sector issues, econometric analysis, local government issues
  • Loreli C. de Dios, M.A. Economics – Executive Director
    Trade policy, trade facilitation and Customs, regional integration, intellectual property rights, agriculture and industry analysis
  • Ma. Joy V. Abrenica, Ph.D.
    Competition policy, industrial organization, industry analysis (telecommunications, automotive, power, transport), trade facilitation and Customs
  • Agustin L. Arcenas, Ph.D.
    Environmental management, agriculture, food security, agroforestry, water and soil conservation technology, land reform and farm productivity


  • Dennis C. Pantastico, M.B.A. (Information Technology)
    IT systems development, Customs operations
  • Margarita R. Songco, M. Development Economics
    Economic development policy, trade negotiations, trade in services, agriculture and industry planning
  • Gwendolyn R. Tecson, Ph.D.
    Trade policy, regional integration