CATIF is a non-governmental organization that seeks to contribute to the understanding and enhancement of trade and economic integration, and to informed policy formulation on trade-related issues.

It has four main thrusts: research, training, policy advocacy, and the development of ICT systems in support of trade. CATIF Fellows combine technical knowledge with practical experience and relationships with the academe, business, and government, to deliver high-quality products.

Although formed in 2006, CATIF’s members have long established records in research, teaching, IT development, and project management, and maintain linkages with institutions here and abroad. CATIF has worked on various international and domestic projects including two JICA-funded studies of cargo release time in the Philippines, an ADB-funded study on Customs, and AADCP-supported projects on ASEAN telecommunications (with the Australian National University and Thailand Development Research Institute) and ASEAN Cargo Processing (with the Centre for International Economics).